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Hida Takayama Traditional Japanese Inn SHITANDA Praivacy Policy

The following regards Shitanda’s (henceforth referred to as “The Hotel”),
use of private information, used to identify an individual, such as a name and address. (i.e. information collated to better identify a guest)

■ Regarding the collection of private information
The hotel may collect private information for the following reasons.
Regarding the use of private information
Personal information received from our customers is used for the following purposes;
To reply to enquiries, and for notification of confirmation.
■ Regarding disclosure of information to 3rd parties.
Private information received by this hotel will only be disclosed to 3rd parties for the following reasons;
- If the customer agrees to have the information disclosed to a 3rd party.
- If public institutions such as the police or court of law makes an official request for the information.
■ Regarding the protection and management of private information.
Private information received by this hotel is kept secure from threats such as loss, destruction, tampering, unauthorized access and disclosure.
■ Regarding the disclosure, revision and deletion of private information.
The hotel ensures that the most accurate and recent information is kept in our database.
If you wish to disclose or delete any information, please contact us via the following links.
■ Regarding the revision of the privacy policy
The hotel is constantly reviewing and revising our privacy policy,
the revised privacy policy is promptly updated on our website.
■ For Enquiries;
Please contact the following for enquiries regarding the hotel’s privacy policy
Traditional Japanese Inn SHITANDA
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